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Alejandro Duarte is a Software Engineer, published author, and award winner. He currently works for MariaDB plc as a Developer Relations Engineer.

  1. Bio

    Alejandro Duarte

    Starting his coding journey at 13 with BASIC on a rudimentary black screen, Alejandro quickly transitioned to C, C++, and Java during his academic years at the National University of Colombia. Relocating first to the UK and then to Finland, Alejandro deepened his involvement in the open-source community. He's a recognized figure in Java circles, credited with articles and videos amassing millions of views, and presentations at international events.

    His professional interests gravitate toward DevRel practices and strategies, open-source software projects, API adoption, online community growth, reusable software components, microservices, web applications, and game development. His favorite programming languages are Java, C++, and SQL.

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