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Fast Analytics with MariaDB ColumnStore
·1264 words·6 mins
Slow query times in large datasets are a common headache in database management.
New book (coming) - MariaDB for Developers
·607 words·3 mins
TL;DR: I’m writing a new book on MariaDB for developers, and it will be available in the next few months.
Programming Brain now available in Spanish
·305 words·2 mins
I’m happy to announce that now the whole website is available en Espa├▒ol!
Second website migration
·396 words·2 mins
Today I completed the second migration of my website from Blogger to Hugo (previously from a drag-and-drop platform to Blogger).
A full-fledged development environment with Docker
·853 words·5 mins
Docker allows you to create isolated environments. And not only in production.
A new chapter at MariaDB: Joining the Products Team
·328 words·2 mins
Over the past almost two years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with the Marketing team at MariaDB plc as a Developer Advocate.
What is MariaDB?
·346 words·2 mins
SQL Databases
MariaDB is an open-source relational database management system that uses the Structured Query Language (or SQL) to manage and manipulate data.
My experience in Latin America presenting the evolution of MariaDB
·584 words·3 mins
Events Databases
Last week, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the open source event organized by our partner Imagunet in Colombia.
My experience at Cloud Expo Europe - London 2023
·509 words·3 mins
Events Databases Developer Relations
I recently had the opportunity to attend the Cloud Expo Europe in London with our team at MariaDB, where we promoted SkySQL, our cloud database solution.
Why MariaDB instead of MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB?
·385 words·2 mins
Can you tell us a little bit about your database and what makes it unique?
ChatGPT as a MariaDB database
·230 words·2 mins
ChatGPT is truly impressive. You can instruct it to do all sorts of things when they can be communicated in plain text.
What is a database proxy?
·529 words·3 mins
DevOps Databases
A proxy is a server software, typically installed in a separate machine, that forwards requests to servers on behalf of clients.
MariaDB replication demo
·261 words·2 mins
DevOps Databases
Database replication is a process that copies data from one database (primary) to another (replica).
Building a Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pi (with automation)
·652 words·4 mins
Some months ago, I was lucky enough to get a bunch of Raspberry Pi minicomputers from MariaDB Corporation.
How to start a web server using Java
·433 words·3 mins
Do you want to start a basic HTTP server to serve the files in a directory on your machine using Java?
What is JPA?
·364 words·2 mins
Programming Databases
JPA stands for Jakarta Persistence API (previously, Java Persistence API). It’s an API specification for database connectivity in Java applications.
What is a database connection pool?
·258 words·2 mins
Programming Databases
A database connection pool stores ready-to-use database connections that threads can borrow when they need them, and return when they finish the work with the database.
How to execute SQL queries from Java (and prevent SQL injections)
·231 words·2 mins
Programming Databases
To run SQL queries in Java, you need a Connection object.
How to open and close JDBC connections
·153 words·1 min
Programming Databases
To open and close database connections in Java, get a JDBC driver for your database.
New YouTube channel on programming (mostly Java)
·361 words·2 mins
Recently, I joined MariaDB Corporation as a Developer Advocate. My job is to help software developers by creating useful content and enabling them to succeed especially with Java and MariaDB databases.
I'm joining MariaDB!
·650 words·4 mins
Some weeks ago I decided to accept a position as a Developer Advocate at MariaDB Corporation.
Testing MariaDB ColumnStore performance
·1288 words·7 mins
SQL Databases
MariaDB’s ColumnStore is an engine that stores data in a columnar fashion.
Using Vaadin web components in HTML documents without frameworks
·525 words·3 mins
Programming Vaadin UI
Vaadin is a development platform for building web applications in Java.
New book - Practical Vaadin: Developing Web Applications in Java
·357 words·2 mins
I’m glad to announce the availability of my most recent book, Practical Vaadin: Developing Web Applications in Java┬ápublished by┬áApress, a division of Springer Nature.