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New YouTube channel on programming (mostly Java)

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Alejandro Duarte
Alejandro Duarte
Alejandro Duarte is a Software Engineer, published author, and award winner. He currently works for MariaDB plc as a Developer Relations Engineer. Starting his coding journey at 13 with BASIC on a rudimentary black screen, Alejandro quickly transitioned to C, C++, and Java during his academic years at the National University of Colombia. Relocating first to the UK and then to Finland, Alejandro deepened his involvement in the open-source community. He’s a recognized figure in Java circles, credited with articles and videos amassing millions of views, and presentations at international events.

Recently, I joined MariaDB Corporation as a Developer Advocate. My job is to help software developers by creating useful content and enabling them to succeed especially with Java and MariaDB databases. One of the things I want to do is to create more video content around these topics. I’ll be publishing videos not only on the official MariaDB channel on YouTube ( subscribe!) but also on my new channel ( subscribe to this one as well!).

I created this YouTube channel several years ago, but I used it mostly for personal videos on things such as hobbies. You can still find videos on guitar playing and video games. And I will probably continue to publish those there for a change. That’s the cool thing about having a personal YouTube channel as a Developer Advocateā€“you have more freedom on the kind of content that you can publish. I hope you like the combination, although my goal is to keep the focus on programming and sporadically share other kinds of videos (for example, check the Happy New Year 2021 celebration video that I recorded from my balcony in my apartment in Finland).

Right now I have the videos separated on different playlists:

  • Java: Java-only stuff goes here
  • MariaDB: Videos from the MariaDB channel
  • Vaadin: Videos from the official Vaadin channel
  • Guitar: Mostly electric guitar improvisations and compositions
  • Random: Anything else goes here

I started with a video on the infamous Log4j vulnerability and how to check apps for it. I’m happy to see that even when I just started the channel, the video got over 2000 views in a couple of weeks:

We have many interesting ideas with the DevRel team at MariaDB. One of them is the ASMR Programming with MariaDB series of videos which I’m really excited about. Here’s a teaser (wear your headphones!):

My next goal is to get 100 subscribers so I can change the URL of the channel. One step at a time. You can support me by subscribing to the channel! I’ll be happy to answer any comments and listen to suggestions on topics for future videos. Feel free to contact me online anywhere you find me!


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